Templatrix 1.1

About two years ago I built the first version of Templatrix. To put it simply it’s a tool for generating the base HTML/XHTML template that you start with every time you do a new website cut up, or have a brilliant idea you want to try out. Over that time I have used it a lot, but it was starting to show it’s age, it still referenced jQuery 1.2.x and still didn’t support optional extras (i.e. jQuery UI) that had been planned. So without further ado I present Templatrix 1.1.1.

This version includes the following enhancements:

  • References to all JavaScript and CSS libraries hosted by Google.
  • References to optional extra’s that certain JS and CSS libraries offer.
  • Tweaked UI (no more popup to select code) and enhancements from later releases of jQuery UI.
  • Everything minified and optomised.

It’s been quite a busy weekend. First installing WordPress, crafting a template and a rebuild/new version of an old tool.

1 Comment

  1. Tim

    Just posted up a new version with the previous issues fixed.

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