Monthly Archives: June, 2010

Django Ajax form's updated

With the release of Django 1.2 the newforms module has had a re-factor, with validation pulled out into its own module (django.core.validation). Changes where required to the form introspection code that works out what validation is required client site. The upshot of these changes is that generating a JSON representation of the rules now requires …


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Hacking up Gypsy

I recently came across a great little project (part of called Gypsy. Gypsy is a dbus enabled replacement for gpsd. My own efforts are writing a GPS daemon are hosted on Google Code. My daemon was written entirely in python and similar to Gypsy published information via dbus. But Gypsy has a number of …

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More on IEnumerable and ICollection

Following up from my post yesterday on enhancing IEnumerable with additional features Phil Haack (Program Manager on ASP.NET for MS) posted a comment on the use of the Count Linq extension method and some of the dangers of using it with generic IEnumerables. With this in mind I would suggest updating my code to enhance …

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Enhancing the ASP.NET MVC View fornext loop

A common problem with the default ASP.NET MVC view engine, when rendering collections in a for/next construct is the inability to easily determine where you are in the loop. For example a common way of displaying a menu is to use unordered lists and produce the following markup: With the basic for/next loop over an …

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