Testable triggers for SouthPaw Tactic.

The last six months have been spent working on a project based around the recently open-sourced Tactic.  One issue we came up against during the project was being able to easily develop and test custom triggers.

Custom triggers are simply python scripts that have a couple of extra magic variables (server, input), ignoring the fact that the input variable is actually shadowing a builtin the fact we have magic variables makes this a little more difficult there is however a rather simple approach that gets around this problem.

def main(server, input_data):

if __name__ == '__builtin__':
    main(server, input)
elif __name__ == '__main__':
    pass  # Create server instance and input dictionary for testing.

This of course is very similar to the standard way of making a module either usable within a program or from the command line.

In addition to this code we have developed a library for importing and exporting triggers, scripts etc from Tactic which we are likely to release back to the community in the near future.


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