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Ubuntu 14.04 with AVRDude and a USBTiny

Works well straight out of the box but requires the use of sudo. Thankfully this is easy to fix as root (use sudo -i) execute the following: This gives all users read access and users in the adm (eg anybody who can use sudo) r/w access. If you don’t care about using a group just …

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Hacking up Gypsy

I recently came across a great little project (part of called Gypsy. Gypsy is a dbus enabled replacement for gpsd. My own efforts are writing a GPS daemon are hosted on Google Code. My daemon was written entirely in python and similar to Gypsy published information via dbus. But Gypsy has a number of …

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First Post!

Well after sitting on the domain and only giving it some window dressing in 4 or is it 5 years. I’ve finally just installed word press and gotten on with it. The motivation was simple I guess, still paying for the previous server that isn’t really doing anything except serving a blank page! that and …

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